Money Stories

At United Debt Assist, our team has worked hard to reduce debts and create real debt relief for real people.

Here are some stories from those we’ve helped.



Rebecca, Cairns

Rebecca and her husband had both been made redundant within months of one another. In addition to this, Rebecca had recently faced some serious health issues, leaving the couple with significant amounts of debt. Ultimately, their marriage broke down and they separated.

This combination of events resulted in financial hardship for Rebecca, with debts totalling almost $50,000. She had no way of meeting her minimum repayments and was struggling to get by day-to-day. United Debt Assist successfully negotiated a reduction of $30,000 with Rebecca’s creditors, leaving her balance payable at just $17k.

Rebecca is now enjoying her financial independence, having moved forward with her new life.


Adrian and Jacinta, Melbourne

Adrian and Jacinta had amassed over $250k in credit card debt over a period of time. They intended to use the equity in their home to reduce their debts into a manageable situation. Unfortunately, due to a lower than expected valuation on the price of their home, combined with their extremely large debt load and over 20 creditors, they weren’t able to access new funding.

Their broker introduced Adrian and Jacinta to United Debt Assist, with an aim to reduce debts so the family could refinance and move forward. We set about working with their creditors to negotiate reasonable settlements that would enable Jacinta and Adrian to pay their debt in full. After mediation, their debts were reduced by $125k.

Living without 22 individual credit card repayments has enabled Jacinda and Adrian to find financial freedom, and they are now successfully living without debt.

Tim and Lucy, Coffs Harbour

Lucy was looking to find Tim’s debts, as he was unaware which collection agency they had been assigned to.

United Debt Assist reviewed Tim’s finances and tracked down his debts, finding they were with a number of collection agencies. We contacted them all, and were able to successfully negotiate a reduced settlement offer.

This allowed Lucy and Tim to pay out the debts using their savings, with just enough left over to have a worry-free Christmas and start the new year debt free.

Jane, Perth

Jane was significantly overcommitted with her creditors. She had applied to use the equity in her home as a means of moving forward, as her financial situation was getting worse with each passing month. She was unable to get her current bank to refinance, and had to explore a non-conforming alternative.

Jane was referred to United Debt Assist by her broker, as he had seen first hand how his clients benefitted from our mediations. We were able to negotiate with Jane’s creditors to reduce her debts by over 50%, enabling her to refinance her new loan and move forward with her life.

Disclaimer – these are actual cases, but the names of our customers have been changed for privacy reasons.


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