Is Debt Mediation the Key to Avoiding Insolvency?

Woman counting coins for insolvency agreement

Australian consumers are increasingly turning to bankruptcy or insolvency agreements to solve their financial woes.

One of the problems with the increase of bankruptcy and insolvency agreements, is that many of these consumers are not adequately informed of their options. Many are also unaware of the lasting effects of this course of action. 

Debt mediation can provide a much more sustainable alternative to insolvency agreements.

Recently, the debt mediation industry in Australia has grown in both awareness and popularity amongst brokers, accountants and financial planners. This has led to finance professionals referring their clients to specialist debt mediators, before resorting to the traditional route of insolvency agreements.

The benefits of working with a debt mediator are invaluable, some of them include;

  • No bankruptcy process involved
  • A one-off process that offers a lasting solution
  • Carries none of the stigma associated with bankruptcy or debt agreements
  • Considerably less impact on your credit score than bankruptcy  

United Debt Assist is at the forefront of the mediation industry. Our mission is to work with clients to negotiate reduced settlements with their creditors.

Our specialist team work with consumers to develop an in-depth profile of their financial and personal circumstances that led to their hardship. They utilise this information to build a compelling case supporting the need for a reduction in debt.

Once agreed settlements are reached, the client can move on knowing that they are back in control of their finances. They will no longer be contending with the ongoing demands of bankruptcy or insolvency agreements. This means that they don’t have to worry about their past coming back to haunt them.

If you or your client have large amounts of unsecured creditors or are considering insolvency agreements, sign up to United Debt Assists’ BrokerBase to instantly see if the case qualifies for debt mediation.


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