Where we begin

There’s a better way to manage the debts of Australians in need. We do this with our 2-6 week process, compared to the industry standard of 12+ weeks. We’ve witnessed firsthand the drawn out, stressful and costly process of traditional mediation agencies. We knew we could do better.

We offer debt help solutions to Australians above $10,000 in debt. With United Debt Assist, we can discuss your story to find a way forward.

Our process is relatively simple.

Get in touch – submit an enquiry and one of our debt mediation experts will be in touch within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can call us directly on (07) 3726 0102.


 Tell us your story – we’ll ask you a few questions. This is to ensure that the solution we provide is right for you, and can help set you on a better course. Then, you will fill out the relevant paperwork authorising us to act on your behalf.

We take care of the rest – we’ll make contact with your creditors, stopping all calls. We will negotiate to freeze your interest and fees. Whether you’re entering into an Informal Agreement or paying off your debt in full, we’ll aim to help you restore your financial health in 60 days.

Couple discussing debt mediation experts

“We contacted many mediation companies, but the task of choosing one to work with our large debt was extremely overwhelming. After a friendly and professional conversation, we went with United Debt Assist. They were very helpful, and the process was simple and stress free. We couldn’t believe the outcome – they were able to reduce our debts by more than half. Not having to deal with the constant phone calls and creditors has been a huge relief. We don’t know what we would have done without UDA’s assistance – they saved our home.”


– Chris and Maria, Queensland



Speak to our debt mediation experts and take the first step to managing your debt, today.