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Through Debt Mediation or an Informal Debt Agreement, you can find debt solutions with United Debt Assist within 60 days.

What is an Informal Agreement?

If you opt for an Informal Debt Agreement, United Debt Assist will restructure and negotiate your debts, and set up a payment plan for a reduced amount to the creditors you owe money to. An Informal Agreement is a way to manage your debts before they spiral out of control, as a less severe alternative to bankruptcy.


We freeze your interest and fees


No more debt collection calls! We manage all communication with your creditors.


We manage your debts into an affordable repayment plan that suits you and your budget

Unlike a formal debt agreement, this will protect your credit score and not impact your professional licenses.

What is debt mediation?

Debt mediation involves negotiating with your creditors to reduce your debts. The negotiated debt amount is paid as a one-off lump sum, and the balance of your debts is written off. To qualify for debt mediation, you must have access to some funds to clear your debts.


We contact your creditors with an aim to negotiate your debts into a reduced amount


We manage all communication with your creditors – no more debt collection calls!


Finalise your debts in full in one affordable lump-sum payment

Close your overdue accounts, update any existing defaults to paid in full, and move forward.

Not sure which option is best for you?

That’s okay! Simply give us a call on 07 3726 0102 and we can talk through your story and find a solution.

Meet our people

We understand that being in debt is often just a part of life, and it’s not always in your control. Put your debts on autopilot with our team of experts, who can help set you on a better financial course.


Human – we’re a team of real people, and everyone has their own money story to tell. Trust us with yours, and we’ll care for it like it’s our own.


Honest – we’ll always be transparent and upfront with you when it comes to the best debt solutions for your situation. We’ll keep you updated throughout and once it’s finalised, we’ll keep in touch to ensure everything is manageable.


Experienced – we’re skilled in debt negotiation, having previously achieved debt reduction success rates of over 70%. We know how to negotiate with the toughest of creditors, delivering reasonable reductions that can help restore your financial health in 60 days.

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