Dealing with the festive credit hangover

Who doesn’t like a bargain?  

Sales are always popular with consumers. Whether it be end of financial year, tax time or boxing day, these are boom times for businesses to offload items from their shelves and increase their bottom line.

As we enter the festive (silly) season, more and more people rely on their credit facilities.

With the increasing pressure to have bigger, better, more lavish lifestyles, more and more Australians are finding themselves with a limited capacity to facilitate the costs associated. With school starting back a few weeks after Christmas, and like the ill-advised second helping of lunch on the 25th, these combined factors threaten to burst the financial belt of those who already have a lot on their plate.

But what happens after the silly season finishes?

The lingering hangover from such sales can often have a negative effect on the consumer’s finances, and their ability to maintain the repayments required by the credit provider decreases. As life goes on, mortgages need to be paid, bills fall due, and the cycle begins again. 

Consumers get caught up in sales and discount shopping, resulting in considerable credit card fees and interest.

Unfortunately, many Australians bury their head in the sand when it comes to proactively managing their finances, and will only act when backed into a tight corner where there are very limited (if any) options available to them. This is where a great broker, working in conjunction with an effective mediation specialist, can step in and provide a strategy to move forward.

Debt mediation provides an alternative solution for clients who are looking to move forward and take back control of their finances.

By utilising debt mediation, dedicated brokers can assist clients who are otherwise dealing with unmanageable debt burdens, along with ensuring that these clients can secure the funding solution they need to move forward.

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