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LVR issues holding you back? 

Show your clients a better way forward today.

With United Debt Assist, you could reduce your clients’ LVR, write more sustainable loans, and redirect them onto a better financial path.

“United Debt Assist were such a pleasure to work with. My clients were close to losing their house and filing for bankruptcy. After a shortfall in the valuation, the whole deal nearly fell over. UDA were able to help reduce my clients’ unsecured debt, enabling us to roll it into their home loan to one manageable repayment! My clients are so grateful for their service, as am I.”

Take care of your clients. We’ll take care of the rest.

A better process

Who is a UDA client?

Your client may have experienced a life event that has contributed to their debt load, with total debts placing them above the maximum allowable LVR they can borrow. In addition, they may have limited debt servicing capacity and require a reduction in the loan amount to accommodate this. They may be sensitive to interest rates, and require a lower rate which is only possible through reducing their debt load.

How the mediation process works


Contact us with your referral

We’ll walk you through the entire process, ensuring you know the way ahead.


We’ll review your client’s situation

The appropriate paperwork will then be prepared so we can act on their behalf.


Build a desirable position

We’ll place your client in a position which supports a debt reduction.


Creditors start to be contacted

Our team begins to contact your clients’ creditors to resolve their debt.

Benefit to the Client

No upfront costs.

  • The mediation fee is only payable upon successful reduction of debts
  • Mediation fee payable as part of the settlement proceeds of the loan
  • Reduction in outstanding liabilities
  • Reduced monthly repayments due to lower debt amounts
  • Clients have a dedicated mediator from start to finish
  • Reduced stress from trying to negotiate terms with creditors
  • Client can move forward and get back on track financially
  • Reductions can lead to reduced interest rates for the client.

Benefit to the Referrer

A value-add service to your client.

  • Opportunity to reduce their LVR and risk fee
  • Write loans that you may have not been able to write otherwise (increased loan volumes)
  • Help your client access lower interest rates
  • Attract new & retain existing clients who can benefit from reduced rates
  • Creates client advocacy and a more positive outcome
  • Support your clients who are going through financial difficulty
  • You can change the financial future of your client for the better!

“I can’t recommend United Debt Assist enough. My client was in a bad position financially, having gone through some serious health issues and a marriage breakdown. With total credit card debts of $47,000, she had no way of being able to meet the minimum repayments let alone reduce the principle. UDA negotiated with the creditors, reducing the balance payable to just over $17,000. Both my client and I had no idea this was possible! This allowed her to move forward with her new life without the overwhelming debt that was causing no end of stress.”

– Cass Connolly, Your Mortgage Coach 

“The way UDA negotiated their personal debt was the only way we could get this application over the line with the new lender. Without their negotiations, this would not have been possible. UDA came to the rescue and ultimately saved this family from losing their home. I know they will be forever grateful for United Debt Assist.”

– Maria Aceto, Australian Family Home Loans


Help your clients on a better course.