Are you prepared for the Job Keeper reductions?

With Job Keeper reductions and other government payments coming to an end soon, are you unsure how you’ll make things work? United Debt Assist can help.

Are you nervous about the Job Keeper reductions? This time last year, life may have looked very different. After months of lockdowns, some industries were fortunate enough to be able to work from home. However this wasn’t the case for everyone. Many Australians found themselves out of work and surviving financially off the COVID-19 stimulus packages, early release of superannuation or their savings. 

The Job Keeper Scheme came at a cost of $130 billion. It kept 835,000 businesses afloat and 5.5 million workers in a job. 1.4 million Australians are currently receiving the Job Seeker payment, previously known as New Start. In the next month there will be Job Seeker and Job Keeper reductions as well as other government payments coming to a close.

Employees on these payments must have worked the equivalent of 20 hours a week or more. This must have been during the governments reference periods in February or June. They are now entitled to $1200.00 per fortnight, down from $1500.00 they were receiving prior to September.



Employees who worked less than 20 hours during the reference periods are now only entitled to $750 per fortnight. This is half of the previous payment they were receiving.

The stimulus package has ensured that the lives of many could continue as normal as possible during an uncertain time. Though, with the further reductions to payments quickly approaching, many will have to restructure their finances.



Unsure how you’ll make things work after Job Keeper reductions?

Whether you’re worried about bills, debt or a mortgage; there are options out there that may be of assistance.

There is a stigma around being “in debt”, that you can’t handle your finances, which isn’t always true. It can bring up feelings of shame and embarrassment and lead to people avoiding the discussion. However, ignoring your creditors can prolong the issue and make it worse.

If you’re currently on a government payment, and managing to just get by, it may be a good time to start planning ahead. Adjusting to life on a reduced income can be daunting, but there is assistance out there.

How we can help with Job Keeper reductions.

Informal Agreements.

At United Debt Assist we offer debt solutions to those have had unexpected life events affect their finances. Our experienced team can discuss your situation and tailor a plan to resolve this chapter in your money story. We are dedicated to showing people that there is a way out of the hole they may now have found themselves in. Whether you just want to talk your current situation through or are dealing with a more complex story – we may be able to assist. 

The team at UDA specialise in negotiating with creditors on your behalf. If you’ve experienced a change in circumstances that has placed you in a worse financial situation than before, that is hardship.

Whether you have one account that you just cannot manage anymore, or multiple accounts that are adding up, we have options that may benefit you.

Informal Agreements are a mutually beneficial long-term arrangement that we organise between you and your creditor. We negotiate with the creditor to ensure the payment is manageable for you. Often, we can reduce the overall owing amount and even freeze interest for the duration of the payment arrangement. In addition, informal agreements are not listed on your credit report, therefore do not affect your ability to secure finance when you get back on your feet.

It is important to start preparing for the reductions in payments sooner rather than later, as the deferral plans that you may have currently put in place with your creditors are not a long-term solution.

Debt Mediation.

We understand that being in a difficult time financially is often part of life. With debt mediation (also known as debt negotiation), we speak with your creditors with an aim to reduce your debts into one lump sum payment in as quickly as two weeks, for those who have access to a sum of money to clear the debt.

Debt mediation involves our specialist team at United Debt Assist negotiating with your creditors to reduce your debts overall amount. The negotiated debt amount is paid as a one-off lump sum, and the remaining balance of your debt is written off. This can help to restore your credit score, with existing defaults being updated to paid in full. 

Debt Mediation can help if you:

  • Sold an asset
  • Refinanced your home loan
  • Inherited money
  • Taken a loan from family or friends
  • Have some savings, but not enough to get on top of your debts


How do I know which option is best for me?

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