A better way to debt freedom.

Imagine finding a solution to your financial problems that won’t cost you unnecessary stress or time. 

We can get you back on course in just 60 days.

Real solutions, in real time.

Our process is simple. We’ve created a better way to manage the debts of Australians in financial difficulty with our real solutions, in real time.

We’ve witnessed firsthand the drawn out, stressful process of traditional debt solution providers, and we knew we could do better.

Life is too short to be living with the stress of uncontrollable debts. Within 60 days, we can help to restructure your debts, freeze fees and interest, and deliver a solution that works for you.

Resolve your debts and close this chapter in your money story.

Whatever your situation – we can help

So how can we help?

No more phone calls

You’ll stop receiving calls from your creditors and debt collectors, as all contact will go through us. We negotiate, do the paperwork, and take care of all required checks for you.

Reduce your debts within 60 days

With debt mediation, we’ll speak directly with each of your creditors to reduce the amount you owe. At United Debt Assist, our mediators have an average debt reduction rate of 60%!

Stop interest and fees

An Informal Agreement can stop you from paying additional interest and fees on your overdue accounts, so you can start paying off your actual debt quicker.

Plan your end date

Find peace of mind with an exact date of when this chapter in your money story will be over. Depending on which solution is best suited to you, this could be as soon as 60 days.

Receive a customised plan

If entering into an Informal Agreement, you’ll receive a customised plan to move forward. This includes regular reviews of your agreement to ensure it remains manageable and affordable.

Clear your debts in one payment

We can speak with your creditors to reduce your debt into one, manageable and affordable lump sum payment. Depending on your budget, this can be a one-off payment in full, or a payment plan.

Ben, New South Wales

If it wasn't for United Debt Assist, we would never have been able to find our way out of our minefield of debt. They worked tirelessly and were available at any time for advice and settlement updates on our bills. My family and I have no hesitation in recommending United Debt Assist to anyone struggling to meet their repayments. 

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Chris & Maria, Queensland

We contacted many mediation companies, but the task of choosing one to work with our large debt was extremely overwhelming. After a friendly and professional conversation, we went with United Debt Assist. They were very helpful, and the process was simple and stress-free. We couldn't believe the outcome - they were able to reduce our debts by more than half. Not having to deal with the constant phone calls and creditors has been a huge relief. We don't know what we would have done without UDA's assistance - they saved our home. 

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Gary, Victoria

We cannot thank you and your Company more for what you have done. When you sent this email through, a lot of emotions flooded through. After yesterday they were tears of joy, you do not know how much pressure has been taken off our shoulders. Once again, many thanks to you and Rory, and United Debt Assist. 

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