Negotiate with your creditors

Reduce your liabilities

Take control of your finances

Who are we?

United Debt Assist is a debt mediation firm with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and
Melbourne, who work with brokers and clients Australia wide.

Debt mediation is the process of negotiating with creditors to
achieve reduced settlement offers payable by the client.

No Upfront Fees!

No reduction of Debt = No Fee

What does a UDA client look


    • Have limited debt servicing capacity

      and require a reduction in the loan

      amount to accommodate this.

    • Have had life events which have

      contributed to their current debt load.

  • Have total debts placing them

    above the maximum allowable

    LVR they can borrow.


  • Have access to funds to clear their

    debts but are unable to pay all

    creditors in full.


  • Can we mediate tax debt?

  • Are we are a credit repair


  • Do we offer Personal

    Insolvency Agreements – Part

    IX and Part X?

  • Do you negotiate on secured debts such as home loans?

We work with specialist tax
mediators who can negotiate with
the ATO.

No. We specialise in negotiating
discount settlements. Any default
listings are generally updated to

No. We work on settlements only.
The customer is not entered into
any form of bankruptcy

No. We specialise in unsecured
debts. accounts